Disposable bed pan liner made of hygienic pulp material with water resistance properties. Biodegradable and suitable for disposal in a macerator. ~2L capacity.


Disposable pan liner for holding human waste and other body fluids. Also used by immobile female patients for bed-side collection of urine. Can be used in conjunction with a standard plastic support for improved stability. Single use.


  • Disposable for reduced risk of cross-contamination and Hospital-Acquired Infections
  • Integrated graduation marking for indication of approximate volume
  • Inclusion of “ribs” on the inside wall of bed pan to provide extra strength
  • Stack 2 pieces or more for extra stability and improved hygiene, if required
  • Fits perfectly into standard plastic support (REF 08110) for extra stability
  • Stackable for reduced storage space
  • Steady with flat bottom
  • Inner bag protects product from dust and contamination
  • Water resistant, for a minimum period of 4 hours