This disposable 4L wash basin is made of a mixture of pulp material to have the capabilities to resist water and soap. It is biodegradable and suitable for disposal in a macerator.


It is a high-capacity wash basin suitable for medical care and use, for holding liquid or soap-based contents, and various other purposes, e.g., oral or foot hygiene. It can also be used as a commode pan on selected commode chairs. Single use, with a minimum of 4 hours of water resistance and maximum 2 hours of soap resistance.


  • Disposable therefore reduces risk of cross-contamination and Hospital-Acquired Infections.
  • Soap-resistant basin can substitute plastic basins used for soap based cleaning.
  • The design on the inner wall provides extra strength and for easy handling when full.
  • Reinforced base for extra stability on flat surface.
  • Wider and reinforced rim for easy holding and handling when full.
  • Stackable for reduced storage space.
  • Pressing process gives a smooth surface and better finishing on the product.
  • Inner bag protects product from dust and contamination.
  • Free of Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a known carcinogen.