Disposable protective aprons made of polyethylene (PE) material.


PE Aprons provide protection for light duty use, against fluids, fats, oil and dirt. Suitable for catering as well as light industrial and healthcare-related use. Single use only.


  • Disposable for infections control measures.
  • Hygienic for personal protection benefits.
  • Fluid resistant – protects clothing from liquid spills, fats, oil and dirt.
  • Full cut, high bib to provide full protection from neck to knee.
  • Waist ties and halter neck ensure that apron stays in place during use.
  • Good perforation allows each piece to be dispensed easily.
  • Compact roll pack allows efficient handling and storage, fits perfectly into standard apron holder.
  • Ties are cut at a proper waist height for a secure wraparound and long enough even for a large user
  • Cost-effective and economical for regular use.