Disposable round urine bottle with SAP by Curas™. Comes with disposable lid and indicator stick. Biodegradable and suitable for disposal into a macerator or in accordance with local waste protocol.


Disposable round urine bottle for use by immobile male patients for collection of urine and draining of urine bags. Packed with SAP by Curas™ to prevent spills, improve waste handling, control odour. Single use.


  • SAP by Curas™ (REF 08100) included for improved waste handling
  • SAP by Curas™ helps to contain odours and prevent accidental spills
  • Dispenser carton’s perforated opening offers an easy dispensing option
  • Dispenser-style carton can be placed above the floor, away from contamination
  • Urine bottle with SAP by Curas™ fits into bedside urine bottle holder
  • Water resistant, for a minimum period of 4 hours
  • Disposable for reduced risk of cross-contamination and Hospital-Acquired Infections
  • Disposable indicator stick provides an approximation of urine collected.