Vanguard carries forward all Quattro’s key strengths so is the most reliable (lowest lifetime cost), ergonomic (20% lower loading height), smallest (32% smaller footprint) and fastest (additional 10 cycles per hour) macerator on the market.

New Vanguard also brings you unparalleled maceration and drain control and a proven infection control system you won’t find on any other macerator.

Superfine Maceration

We’ve developed a high precision impeller with new swept blades that spin at 1500rpm. This means they produce the finest pulp confetti of any macerator, that will flow easily through your drains.

Controlled Discharge

We’ve made the tolerance on our controlled discharge system even tighter. So now Quattro won’t let anything larger than 5mm enter the drain.

Aero-Jet Powered Premium Flow

Our engineers have taken our unique patented Premium Flow action further with new aero-jet powered Premium Flow.

This adds a jet of air to the discharged pulp, making it more buoyant and less dense so it flows more freely.

How we make sure Quattro protects your drains

The maceration testing standard was developed with bespoke equipment to accurately measure the pulp particle size.