Fluid Absorber, SAP (Super-Absorbent Polymer) packed in water-soluble sachets.


The Fluid Absorber (SAP) is used for prevention of spills and safe management of liquid clinical waste. It is designed to provide rapid, consistent absorption of bodily fluids and other liquids, and convert these fluids to a firm, non-spill, reduced odour gel. The SAP by Curas™ sachet can be used in urinals, bedpans, vomit bowls, vomit bags, commode bowls, urine bags, ileostomy bags, and even suction canisters. The sachets are also effective in various waste bags and bio-hazard containers, reducing the risk of dangerous spills and leaks.


  • Designed to provide rapid, consistent absorption of bodily fluids and liquid spills.
  • Converts fluids into reduced odour gel for easy handling and disposal.
  • Pre-measured volume packed into sachets hygiene performance for nurses
  • Reduces nosocomial infections by reducing free air particles
  • SAP by Curas™ is an integral part of an infection prevention system
  • One 6g sachet is able to absorb 100-200 times its own weight
  • User-friendly and can be conveniently disposed of without any risk
  • Packed in re-sealable aluminium foil bag for prolonged shelf life
  • The die-cut hole on the bag allows for easy hanging and can also be used with or without a rack